The flexibility of the medical flag system in an app.

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Download NextRoom for Free

Download the NextRoom app from iTunes on each of your iPhone or iPod Touches. Once the download is complete, enter your account details supplied during the setup process.

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Availabe on the iPhone App Store

Why NextRoom App?

  • Your practice, your way.

    Customize NextRoom for your practice's unique needs.

  • Begin using NextRoom almost immediately.

    NextRoom requires minimal setup and staff training to use.

  • Assign rooms to staff.

    Quickly assign rooms to a physician or nurse with notes and tasks.

  • Manage your patient queue.

    Instantly see how many rooms are waiting to be seen and in what order.

  • Receive alerts as new patients are added.

    Audible alerts inform staff when a room is added to their queue.

  • Easily determine the location of staff.

    The Occupied tab shows what rooms are accepted by staff.

  • Eliminate centralized whiteboards and confusing flags.

    NextRoom allows you to view, assign, and manage rooms on the go.

  • Embrace mobile technology and increase efficiency.

    Use NextRoom alongside your favorite ePrescribing or EMR app. Now your patient data and workflow can be managed on the same device.

What Users Say

Doctors say:

"NextRoom has cut the nurse response time to patient rooms from minutes to seconds, greatly enhancing the patient experience."

Nurses say:

"NextRoom allows me to find the doctors no matter where they are in the building. Before NextRoom I had to ask other nurses or look for clues."

Requirements Overview

  • WiFi Connection to the Internet
  • iPod Touch or iPhone for each user
  • NextRoom account activation
  • Customize NextRoom for your practice

$250/Month (Unlimited Users)